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Mygirlfriendismyweapon - MG=MW (EP)
While doing some research to this relatively young band from the higher regions of Holland I soon found out that this is a band not to take too seriously. These three dudes are all about fun and making and a nice portion of fucked up noise, this time released on a disc with a pink logo accompanied by a pink biography. Lovely!

Mygirlfriendismyweapon (in short MG=MW) makes music in the vein of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and basically lots of other bands. It’s absolutely impossible to pigeonhole this band although I’m sure they’d like to see such a hole from the inside. They kick in like an xtc-fueled maniac and keep making noise until the end of this EP. And yeah, the fifth song is called a ballad, but guess what?! It’s not! I told ya, don’t take these guys serious!

Musically the band floats somewhere in between the two bands mentioned above, although I’m sure there’s something in here for everybody. If you can live without clean vocals that is. ‘Cause they ain’t present here. As for the vocals of Alwin, I guess a comparison to TDEP would be the best one since that must also convince a lot of people to check this band out. Or not. But I hope you do!

It might not seem possible but with just one guitar, a drum and a vocalist with some peppers up his arse you can create a whole bunch of organized chaos. Together with the not-too-great production of the EP, these six songs make me wanna hear more of this band in the future. And if I didn’t like this band for its music I’d still dig them for their logo. Period.
Mygirlfriendismyweapon - MG=MW (EP)
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007
Organized Chaos

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Mar 4th, 2008

Tags: #Mygirlfriendismyweapon
Tracklisting 1. We Be Grindin’
2. Hot Durk With His Ass On Fire (Spanish Version)
3. Tinkerbell, The Whore Of Never Neverland
4. Deftones Are Playing At My House
5. The Ballad Of Angus Young
6. Convulse To The Beat
Line up Alwin – Vocals
Peter – Guitar
Wouter – Drums