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Primal Age - A Hell Romance

Back in 1997 a French band called Primal Age was founded and in April ’99 they released their first full-length. The fans of these French guys had to wait a really long time, because A Hell Romance, their second album, was released 8 years later in September 2007. The music can shortly be described as a mixture between metal and hardcore. This mixture is far from unique and therefore the question is whether they succeed to outstand all those other bands or not.

After an almost three minute lasting intro, which is way too long if you ask me, Primal Age brutally kicks you in the face with ‘Genesis Of Our Self End’. A Hell Romance doesn’t have this polished – typical metalcore – sound, but it sounds raw, aggressive and brutal. The band sounds very intense and they try to do their own thing. Songs like ‘Suicide Intervention To Cherish The Grace’ are really convincing, but not everything is perfect.

At the end of the album the vocals bore me a bit. In every song the vocals of Didier are a bit of the same and therefore the album is just a couple of songs too long. Furthermore this is definitely a band to check out, because they simply produce good music.

Primal Age - A Hell Romance
80/1001Details Customcore Records / Free Edge Conspiracy
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007

Writer @Gilles on Monday Mar 10th, 2008

Tags: #Primal Age
Tracklisting 01. When Man Loses Himself
02. Genesis Of Our Self End
03. A Hell Romance
04. Chimera Dominion… - Verse Alpha
05. …Tragic Prophecy – Verse Omega
06. Kiss Sentence For Your Funeral
07. Suicide Intervention To Cherish The Grace
08. Feed Your Life With Precious Words
09. Against The Grain
10. Behind A Wall Of Beauty
11. Questionning The Essence
12. Sermon Through Bright Concers
Line up Didier – Vocals
Johann – Guitars
Thierry – Guitars
Mehdi – Drums
Dimitri – Bass