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The Black Halos - We Are Not Alone
Hailing from Vancouver, Canada (That's north of the US, where people don't seem to shoot each other all day) The Black Halos are and I quote "Canada's prime purveyors of punk rock 'n' roll". Ahuh, sure guys...That would mean they started out in 1977 and I must have missed them when listening to Ramones and bands alike. Oh well, even I miss things sometimes. Of course they started out in the late nineties, when punk rock was murdered by all the happy punk rock bands. Anyway, their latest effort...

The Black Halos are your basic fourpiece punk band. Two guitar players, a bass player, a drummer and a singer. Wait a tick! That's five....There is actually someone hired to down these vocals! Are you fucking kidding me? There is a singer and his name is (of course) Billy Hopeless. Sorry if I piss you off, but get a hobby man!! The guitar players or the bass player can do wining uninspired vocals too!

The album is called We Are Not Alone and they're absolutely right about that! On this lump of earth we call, well...Earth, there are probably over 500.000 bands that make the exact same music as The Black Halos do and more than half of them are signed by PeopleLikeYou Records for European distribution. If you like this kind of music, just visit you're local small ass podium to find a local punkband that sounds like this.
The Black Halos - We Are Not Alone
50/1001Details peoplelikeyourecords
Released on Monday Mar 17th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Mar 10th, 2008

Tags: #The Black Halos
Tracklisting 01. Disbelief
02. Princess St. Princess
03. Love And War
04. We Are Not Alone
05. Migraine
06. Holes
07. Suck City
08. Monstrosity
09. Madam Merlot
10. Dreamboat
11. Damaged Goods
12. Download
Line up Billy Hopeless - Vocals
Rob Zgaljic - Drums
Denyss McKnight - Bass
Adam Becvare - Guitars
Johnny Stewart - Guitars