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Zwartketterij - Cult Of The Necro-Thrasher
A few years ago I was able to see Zwartketterij (which means black heresy) live. When I saw their name on the bill I expected some old school black metal. Well I was wrong. I was treated on some old school thrash. And I surely never will forget their line “Metal, Demon, Satan, Blasphemy “.

On their website it says “Only eighties metal is real”, and that is how Cult of the Necro-Thrasher sounds, Old school. “Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Satan is his father and his name is Adrian….” This is the first thing you’ll hear when you press the play button. I guess some of you will have recognised this sample, yes it is from Rosemary’s Baby. Then a nice groovy thrash riff takes over. What really surprised me were the clean vocals. I did see that coming, but it sure doesn’t sound bad at all. What I really like about this record is the fact Zwartketterij wrote some decent songs with a lot of variety. From extreme blasts to some groovy riffs, a great mix. In ‘Macedonian Horror Cries’ they also used some kind of choir-like vocals, which sound really neat.

The lyrics…. Well I guess we shouldn’t take them too seriously. “Lick my chainsaw”, hehe, great. You will love this song, it is so fucking catchy, and the lyrics are phenomenal. These guys are some awesome poets. Not just the songs have this real 80-ies feeling, the production completes it in 80-ies style as well, in a good way I mean.

So if you like old school thrash like Venom, Sodom or Hellhammer and some humour you will love this record.
Zwartketterij - Cult Of The Necro-Thrasher
83/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Friday Nov 30th, 2007
Thrash metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Mar 18th, 2008

Tags: #Zwartketterij
Tracklisting 1. Cry of the jackal child
2. Cult of the necro-thrasher
3. Macedonian horror cries
4. Cannibal, death, demons
5. Lick my chainsaw, bitch!
6. Heavy metal, raise hell!
7. Hammer of hardrock
8. Titans of torment 666
Line up Jack Hellfire – guitar and Lead Vocals
Marchosias666- Drums and vocals
Nick satan- Lead guitar
D.K. Skeletor- Bass and vocals