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Scald - Fluke
Every once in a while the job of reviewer is very hard, you have to review bands you love and even form an opinion about it. It was during one of those times that the latest effort of Scald drops in my mailbox. Scald, the progressive sludge grinding doom merchants from Belfast if we might believe their website.
Impressed by their self named titles I quickly pulled the CD out of the slipcase and put it into the cd-player. During the first tones of ‘Larva’ I noticed that something has fallen out of the same slipcase. I picked it up and realised I was holding a holy sacrament with the Scald logo on top of it. Looking at the damn thing I realise I had to do what any brave reviewer would do, eat the damn thing! After I had it flushed away with some beer I realized the second song was already playing and I took off on a trip into the dark world of Scald.
After passing the second song I was in a deep forest surrounded by weird animals and deformed creatures. Running away brought me further into the dark forest, I didn’t realise that until I tripped over something and hit the ground. Suddenly the ground under my chest started to crumble and before I knew it I was falling into a deep dark hole. Further and further I fell while the brutal music of Scald was the soundtrack to my doom.
When my life started to flash before my eyes I suddenly realized I had to think happy thoughts like Peter Pan did. Several seconds before I would smash into the ground I started to lose speed and finally I found myself floating. It was from that point that I flew away promising myself never to return to that nasty place.
Ok snap back to reality. There are always people who’d buy anything that gets a score below zero in any review. Just to tell everybody they do like that band. Well they would probably like Scald too. For the rest of the world keep your hard earned money in your pocket.
Scald - Fluke
35/1001Details Midhir Records
Released on Monday Dec 31st, 2007
Dark Experimental

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Mar 18th, 2008

Tags: #Scald
Tracklisting 1. Larva
2. Cocoon
3. Lumbricoid
5. Trematoid
6. Helminth
Line up Pete Dempsey - Vocals/Bass
Mick Tierney - Guitar
Paul McCarrol - Drums