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Mainline - Neurasthenic
Since nowadays everything with a melodic approach to metal is called nu-metal we�ll call this nu-metal too. It probably is, but you just can tell these days. This is the second demo that these Italian guys have released, and the four tracks that this one contains sounds pretty cool I must say. Named after Full Devil Jacket�s track Mainline, these guys give a powerful, yet melodic performance. With a drummer that was previously in the death metal band Dying Awkward Angel, the drums have cool double bassrolls, that fit in quite well. The guitars can kick ass, but with a few spacey effects on them they sound really melodic. The bass guitar has some effects on it sometimes as well and some bass-string pulling isn�t crazy at all for these guys. The singer doesn�t scream enough in my opinion, but hey, that�s just death metal taking me over, can�t help it. The track �Distress� starts with a low bassy noise, joined by a bass guitar that seems to be having a phaser or something on it. The song is not highly original, but very much listenable. The screaming vocals enjoy me pretty well and the melodic ones don�t irritate me at all. Kick ass ending to this 5 minute track too. �Shoulder� follows the fist track up real nicely. This is the first track were some bass-string pulling is involved, which will be in the other two remaining tracks as well. The two guitars play together really cool, especially while using a lot of effects. The chorus has some cool vocals in it, varying screaming with nice singing. The third track is dubbed �Night Came Sick�. Not an highly original track, and not amusing as the other ones. So there isn�t much to say about that. �One By One� starts off reasonably fast, but that soon changes to a melodic/spacey part which I really like. Then the fast part returns with some heavy screaming. Heavy screaming and riffs combined with melodic parts are the standards for this track, and it�s a good one. To conclude all this, this is a good nu-metal demo, not highly original, but quite amusing. The guitars and bass sound really cool as well as the drums. To bad he keeps doing the same trick over and over on the bas drum. Ah well, that�s just in his death metal blood. The vocals are good, but I would like to see a bit more screaming next time. His singing voice is all right, but his scream has more potential than shown here. Tracklist: 1. Distress 2. Shoulder 3. Night Came Sick 4. One By One Line-up: Maury � vocals Di� � rhythm guitar St� � lead guitar Simo � bass Ale � drums
Mainline - Neurasthenic
78/1001Details Independant / Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Mainline
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