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Parachutes - Vultures

“A lot of bands can scream their souls out of their body, but Parachutes' new record combines heart, emotions and aggression, which drives that mixture to a whole new level.” Reading this line in the biography of the German band Parachutes frightened me a bit. There are so many bands, which claim to have done something unique and when you listen to it it’s just the same shit on a different day...

The album which has to prove the above mentioned quote is their second full-length and is called Vultures. Their full-length debut was distributed by Lockjaw Records, but with this release they found Redfield Records willing to do the job. Right from the start of Vultures it becomes clear this five-piece knows how to handle their instruments and with a great production the only thing left to do is to hold the listener’s attention.

After a couple of songs I can already conclude that there is nothing new under the sun. They still got my attention, but I can’t find that so called “new level ”. What we have here is just a really good emo/screamo record, but that’s it! You often hear bands with great screams and poor clean vocals or vice versa, but that’s not the case with Parachutes. Both styles are pleasing my ears and also their melodic approach has a positive effect on the music.
If you are a fan of bands like Silverstein and Underoath and you don’t know these Germans yet from supporting your favourite acts you should definitely check this record out.

Parachutes - Vultures
80/1001Details Redfield Records
Released on Friday Feb 15th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Mar 19th, 2008

Tags: #Parachutes
Tracklisting 01. Fists Up And Boots Off Motherfuckers
02. Flatlines
03. March Of The Machines
04. Vultures
05. Ignorance Is Bliss
06. The Spell
07. Buckle Your Belt Dorothy Cause Kansas Is Going Bye Bye
08. I’m A Steamin’ Son Of A Gun
09. Throw The Towel! Trhow The Damn Towel!!!
10. Neverender
Line up Stefan Kinn – Vocals
Carsten Jung – Guitars
Elmar Weyland – Bass
Christian Hunsicker – Guitars
Markus Bauer – Drums