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Winter's Verge - Eternal Damnation

Yet another power metal product from Limb Music. Not Finland, Brazil or Germany this time, but Cyprus. As far as my knowledge goes, this is the first time to hear a power metal production come from the little island. Just like in Finland, young bands like this get tampered by civil duties (army) which resulted in messing with the line up for a few years. After all this got settled the band itself contacted Limb Music Products, got their contract and so started recording their debut album: Eternal Damnation.

When defining yourself as melodic epic power metal, one can expect music in many different ways. So let me start with specifying this a bit. Winter's Verge is power metal. They are melodic, but not more than the average band. That's where this band gets so interesting in my opinion. When you listen to it as a whole, they seem to sound pretty average. But a good listen to their record makes you hear little details which are very appealing, in the rhythms, melodies and solos! 'A Secret Once Forgotten' is a perfect example of such a song.

When you say power metal, mostly, you can expect clean vocals with high screams which makes you feel like being castrated. It's no different here, and though it's purely a point of personal style, most power metal fans will love George Charalambous' voice! The guitar parts are recorded and played very decent. Some original solos too! The same goes for the keys, which corporate with the guitar awesomely well! The drums furthermore are what they are supposed to be: in time and supporting the music.

This is a promising product. In a genre that is booming of young bands it's hard to be heard. Winter's Verge may be able to do that and considering this is their debut album they have taken a perfect lift off! If you're thinking about checking these guys out, try to listen the song mentioned above, as it is definitely better as the ones on their MySpace!

Winter's Verge - Eternal Damnation
78/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Friday Mar 14th, 2008
Melodic Epic Power Metal

Writer @Peekay on Wednesday Mar 26th, 2008

Tags: #Winter's Verge
Tracklisting 01. Eternal Damnation
02. My Winter Sun
03. Get Me Out
04. Hold My Hand
05. A Secret Once Forgotten
06. Goodbye
07. Spring Of Life
08. Can You Hear Me
09. For I Have Sinned
10. To You I Sail Tonight
11. Suicide Note
Line up George Charalambous - vocals
Stefanos Psillides - keyboards
Harry Pari - guitars
Miguel Trapezaris - bass
Andreas Charalambous - drums