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Tank 86 - Behold
Tank 86, that sounds pretty heavy doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what we have on our hands with their second album Behold. Heavy instrumental rock music from Holland, well rock music, I’d say stoner is a better word for it. Let’s rock!
The sound of this band is nice and heavy, very distorted, yet very clear. The band made the choice to not have a singer and exclude all symptoms of ego and make-up, and to worship the riff for what it is. Instrumental stoner rock in the vein of bands like Zonderhoof and Monkey3, and from Holland nonetheless! The only place in the world to be a legal stoner!
The swinging stoner grooves, the pushing and crawling doom passages and the melodic escapes give this album enough variety to fade away the feeling that you’re missing a singer. I don’t even mind at all! And for that fact, it is better to play instrumental than to have a lousy singer in your ranks. Trust me, I’ve heard hundreds of promo records where I thought exactly the same. The only problem with this record is that it ends way too fast, a mere 27 minutes, gimme more!!!
Well, now all that remains is for me to catch them on a show somewhere, which shouldn’t take too long since they’re from Holland. Stoners keep an eye out for this, this is a potential candidate for the 2009 edition of the Roadburn Festival!
Tank 86 - Behold
82/1001Details Independant
Released on Friday Jan 25th, 2008
Instrumental Stoner Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 27th, 2008

Tags: #Tank 86
Tracklisting 1. Moloch
2. Behold
3. Flame
4. Dmitrj
5. Dust
Line up Floris Lambregts - Guitar
Rogier Berben - Drums
Joost Kruiswijk - Guitar
Jochum van Weert - Bass