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Fidget - Ashes&Dust

Fidget is a band that made their first album in the year 2002. They’ve been very busy since then, because Ashes & Dust is already their ninth effort (CDs and MCDs). Their last album was even a dubbledisc version!So clearly Fidget is band with a lot of ideas or a band with a lot of spare time on their hands. 

Fidget doesn’t make very complicated music. It’s just straightforward poprock (or alternative rock or how they call it these days…). Don’t expect nothing fancy when you pop this disc in your player. You can expect a mix of Fall Out Boy and the solo work of Sandra Nasic. In the song ‘Stalewater’ I even heard some Di-rect influences (the horror…..).
The songs are easy digestible and the melodies find their way to your brain easily. I like the combination of the female and male vocals and the interaction between both, though I have to say that they don’t play a lot with this interaction. I expect a bit more fantasy, because both vocalist aren’t bad at all (not award winners also, mind you!). The lack of fantasy in the songwriting is a bit of a letdown, because I think the quality is there, but the songs are most of the time built up in the same way and that’s too bad….
I find it a good listen for a couple of spins, but because of the lack of variety and fantasy I will not be listening to it often. I rather listen to my old Guano Apes albums.
Fidget - Ashes&Dust
70/1001Details Redfield Records/Cargo
Released on Friday Mar 14th, 2008

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Mar 29th, 2008

Tags: #Fidget
Tracklisting 1. Holy Grail
2. All Seems Meaningless
3. Take Or Leave
4. Far From OK
5. Stalewater
6. Choke On The Promise
7. Inferia
8. 5 Min Left
9. You Will Do Down With Me
10. Shivinho
11. The Latest Try On Old-School Pain
12. ….And Nothing More
Line up Darline Fae Rubi – Vocals
Thomas Jeske – Vocals & Guitars
Daniel Schiwek – Bass
Felix Ohmes – Guitars
Michael Czernicki - Drums