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Blood Red Angel - Abyssland
Abyssland is their fourth album and according to the info sheets which accompanied the CD (yes, a CD with booklet etc. not just a carton sleeve, an extra point for Blood Red Angel (hereby shortened to BRA!!!), this album is huge upgrade in comparison to their last album. Unfortunately I cannot test this statement, because I have never heard of BRA before, let alone an album by their hands!
BRA’s music is very easy to describe. Take a big bowl and put in it a spoonful of Exodus, a big hand of Death Angel, a dash of Pantera, a sniff Killswitch Engage (easy on the Killswitch!) and garner it with a small amount of Nevermore. And voila your BRA-stew is ready to be served.
So, is it original? No, by no means. I have heard this a zillion times before. Is it well-performed? Absolutely! Klaus has an excellent voice for this kind of music. The production is the way it should be on these albums. The music gets its chance to breath and as a result of this you can hear every instrument clearly. An excellent thing in my book! I also want to compliment Robert. I like his drumming very much. Always in service of the song and he doesn’t have the urge to fill every hole with his drumming.
So why not 80 points or higher? I think that they can even do better and they really have to create their own face. I like the different influences, but especially at the end of the disc they become too frequent. And besides that please, please, please stop with the horrible vibrato in songs like ‘Itn´ and the Sacred Reich cover ‘Independent’. But besides the criticism, I really like the album and I will listen to it more often.
Blood Red Angel - Abyssland
79/1001Details Supreme Chaos Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 12th, 2008
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Mar 29th, 2008

Tags: #Blood Red Angel
Tracklisting 1. Ceremony Of The Condemned
2. Revelation
3. Demon Driven
4. New Born Virus
5. Abyssland
6. Enforced
7. Decline
8. Dead End Corridors
9. Itn
10. Independent (Sacred Reich cover)
11. Hostile
12. Leaders In Disguise
Line up Klaus “Mr. Crime” Spangenberg – Vocals
Dr. “Yenz” Pesch- Lead Guitars&Backing Vocals
Jenz Sonntag – Guitars&Backing Vocals
Bernd C. GroB – Bass&Backing Vocals
Robert Koole – Drums