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Decorate.Decorate - Normandie

Decorate.Decorate has already released their debut album Normandie locally in May 2007. This became such a huge success in their native country of Denmark that they decided to release the album on a wider scale. They’re expecting to release their sophomore release in 2008.  

To typify the music of Decorate.Decorate, I don’t have to think really hard. The David Bowie influences are very prominent on their debut album. Is that a good thing? Well to be frank, I can only stand a couple of Bowie songs and the rest is crap in my humble opinion (but he made good money out of it, so a lot of people will disagree with me on this)!
So, do those influences make Decorate.Decorate's debut album also a wasted effort? No they don't! Strange but true, I kind of liked what I heard on this album. I think the songs are well written and the Bowie influences are there, but they give their own twist to it. They don’t forget to rock and use a more melancholically atmosphere instead of a spacey atmosphere. They aren’t really virtuous musicians, but the songs are well rounded and there aren’t really any weak spots on this album.
Of course there are some points of criticism. I think that the vocals are from the hit or miss category and they can really improve on this aspect. I also think that seven songs are just enough for me not to get bored, because this album is not an album I would put on repeat. The songs are okay (I like ‘Europe Has No Heart’), but not groundbreaking.

And that’s a bit the crux with this album. It’s a bit too decent. I hear some interesting things going on and the potential is definitely there, but for a good melancholic album to work, it has to grab me by the throat and that feeling isn’t there yet. A good debut album and I’m really curious what their second album will bring! 
Decorate.Decorate - Normandie
77/1001Details Tactic Records
Released on Monday Mar 31st, 2008
Alternative Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Sunday Mar 30th, 2008

Tags: #Decorate.Decorate
Tracklisting 1. Surname Of Copenhagen
2. Europe Has No Heart
3. Karen
4. Evelyn
5. International
6. Departure
7. 11th
Line up Asbjorn Auring Grimm – Vocals
Christian Mathiesen – Guitars
Martin Rasmussen – Guitars
Jan Kromann – Bass
Viggo Clausen – Drums
Mikkel Holtoug - Keys