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Rhapsody - Tales from the Emerald Sword Saga
Rhapsody, one of the best power-metal bands these days, handed over this cd, which contains songs from all of the six albums made so far. So, for the (already) Rhapsody fan like me, most of the songs are well-known. Like many other power-metal bands, Rhapsody is well known for their technical use of the instruments. Guitar-, bass, drums and keyboard solo�s are very hard to compete with and make you really feel like you�re listening to something great and beautiful. The vocals are as great as a tenor and the fact that the guys are Italian and have some songs in their own language, gives the whole set a Mediterranean sphere, so you can easily imagine long quests through mountains and forests. So, what�s so special about Rhapsody then, when it�s technically the same like other bands from the same scene? That is, my friends, the whole atmosphere on the disk(s). The band not only uses instruments I mentioned above but also instruments like recorders, transverse flutes and accordions. And above that all, there is a huge choir used on every album which gives you the feeling that everyone out there is standing as one behind a favorite. Very special about Rhapsody is the fact that every CD is a saga, a story with a complete scheme. They have a begin and an end. All the stories together are like a huge version of something like Lord of the Rings or King Arthur. Rhapsody is playing their music like they�re actually living in Medieval. When you close your eyes you can see the fantastic castles, the knights competing for the most beautiful princess and the brave lord fighting a dragon. It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you listen to it, so I recommend anyone who is interested in any kind of music to pay attention to it. Try to get that feeling, and try to imagine. I could recommend this CD to anyone, as I mentioned before. When you�re not that close to power-metal, try songs like Emerald Sword, Dawn of Victory, Rain of a thousand flames and Holy Thunderforce. They should give a nice example for what�s Rhapsody about. Turn your speakers up to maximum limit and sing out loud with the choir: �For the king for the land for the mountains For the green valleys where dragons fly For the glory the power to win the black lord I will search for the emerald sword� Rhapsody is: Alex Starpoli: Keyboards Luca Turilli: Guitar Fabio Lione: Vocals Alex Holzwarth: Drums Patrice Guers: Bass Dominique Leurquin: Guitar 1. Warrior of Ice 2. Rage of the winter 3. Forest of unicorns 4. Lands of immortals 5. Emerald Sword 6. Wisdom of the kings 7. Wings of destiny 8. Riding the winds of eternity 9. Dawn of victory 10. Holy Thunderforce 11. The village of dwarves 12. Rain of a thousand flames 13. Knightrider of doom 14. March of the swordmaster 15. Power of the dragonflame 16. Lamento Eroico Review by Siem