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The Horn - Dawning Of An Ancient Sun
From Russia’s dark labels Haarbn Productions and Solitude Productions we received a nice package filled with ambient, stoner and doom music. One of them is Australia’s The Horn, an ancient Egyptian space black metal band. Sounds weird doesn’t it?
Well, the music quite fits the weird description, because this drum-computer black metal combined with ambient space parts is quite a different sensation. The drums make it sound very static, while the samples make it sound very organic. Evil vocals conveying even more evil and dark spells really give a black metal feeling, yet they’re far from annoying to me. It’s like I’m listening to a black metal version of Nile on acid. Yeah. That’s the right description.
This disc appears to be limited to 500 copies, with a 100 of them being limited editions containing an extra disc with more ambient space parts on it. Too bad it’s not included with my copy cause I think I would have enjoyed that one more. Cause the black metal parts become a bit dull pretty easily, mainly because of the monotonous drum-computer blastbeat. Perhaps with a real drummer that adds some creativity and an organic sound to the recordings it would appeal more to me.
Overall it’s a good attempt, especially the ambient parts work for me, but in the end it doesn’t cut it for me. Too bad.
The Horn - Dawning Of An Ancient Sun
66/1001Details Haarbn Productions
Released on Saturday Dec 1st, 2007
Ancient Egyptian Space Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Apr 2nd, 2008

Tags: #The Horn
Tracklisting 1. Spell 81A: For Being Transformed Into A Lotus
2. Spell 29A: For Not Taking Away The Heart Of One Whose Conduct Has Been Vindicated In The Realm Of The Dead
3. Spell 31: For Driving Off A Crocodile Which Comes To Take Away One's Magic In The Realm Of The Dead
4. Spell 28: For Not Permitting One's Heart To Be Taken In The Realm Of The Dead
5. Spell 70: For Being The Successor Of Osiris, Otherwise Said
6. Spell 32 (part 1): For Repelling A Crocodile Which Comes To Take Away A Spirit's Magic In The Realm Of The Dead
7. Spell 69: For Being The Successor Of Osiris
8. Spell 125: The Declaration Of Innocence
-The Declaration Of Innocence Before The Tribunal
-Adress To The Hall Of Justice
-The Dead Man Is Questioned
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