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S.M.E.S. - The Good, The Bad And Me
All those reviews of powermetal these days make me shit. Speaking of shit, that�s what I�m going to give you. This band from Eindhoven is called S.M.E.S. which is an abbreviation for the Dutch sentence �Schijten Met Een Stijve� or in English: Shitting With A Stiffy. The band consists of 1 person (Erwin), who is also known from the dutch grind act Last Days Of Humanity. All the instruments are done by him and this album has gotten the stamp Technogore. The album�s title is The Good, The Bad and Me. There is not much to say about this, it�s just 13 tracks of freaky programmed drum computers and stupid intro�s. The vocals are done in the seemingly traditional �Eindhoven Style� like Steven Smegma used to do with Rompeprop and consists of a pitch shifter which doesn�t get further than: Vomit. The drum computer has several nice effects, like heard in Pro-Zak and G-Spotted. When I was listening to this record, it appeared to me that I was sometimes just listening to a modern trance record. The nice thing of this is that it never lasts too long and always is supported by that vomit voice of Erwin. As I said, there is not that much to say about this record, it�s indeed what they call Technogore, because it�s just goregrind, only rendered through the computer. It will appeal to fans of the more programmed work like Libido Airbag and the more downtuned versions of Lymphatic Phlegm. I just would like to say, visit the website and prepare for a laugh! I definitely liked this shit! Track List: 1: Ernie�s Nightmare 2: Pro-Zak 3: G-Spotted 4: Fruity Juice 5: Have A Sucker 6: When Sgt. Gomp Charges 7: Bio-Logical 8: Saunatorium 9: I�m Going Out Of My Duck 10: Gore White Face 11: G.I. Joke 12: Po, Mirta, Grind 13: Shower Now Line Up: All � Erwin De Groot
S.M.E.S. - The Good, The Bad And Me
90/1001Details Black Hole Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #S.M.E.S.
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