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Harlots - Betrayer
Like we all know internet is a great source for a lot of knowledge and like probably every other reviewer I always try to gain some background information about the band I’m about to review. Of course with most album there’s a biography added or pressed on the promo but they mostly contain some basic background information. Since Harlots only has a MySpace my only hope is the information on the promo so here we go. Harlots is a band from Ohio that was formed in 2002. Within their five years of existence they released 3 full-length albums including the one that I’m about to review.
Starting with ´The Weight Unweighable´, they already have a lead start on the rest of the bands nowadays. With a powerful progressive style of metalcore they start to terrorize my ears from the beginning of the album. No intro whatsoever, they just blast out of the speaker from the beginning. Overwhelmed as I am, I listen stunned to the first song on the album. Eventually this led to one conclusion. This is a band with a sound of its own, of course there might be some Meshuggah type riffing but most of all, Harlots is being themselves.
During the rest of the album I listened with my mouth open from time to time. Not because I like the band so much, but because Harlots manage to grab your attention into a song and hold it inside the wall of sound that is produced most of the time. The best part of that so called wall of sound is that all the instruments are just a part of a bigger part and in the end you get blown away by the whole piece.
To me Harlots is not completely my band because from time to time it’s a bit too much. But on the other hand I can understand people dig this shit. Especially since the band has a sound of its own. A sound that combines the power of Meshuggah with the greatness of Mastodon and the aggressiveness of a hardcore kid in a Hatebreed moshpit.
Harlots - Betrayer
83/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 16th, 2007
Progressive metalcore

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Apr 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Harlots
Tracklisting 1. The Weight Unweighable
2. Avada Kedavra
3. Full Body Contortion
4. Dried Up Goliathan
5. Building an Empire Towards Destruction
6. Consensus For the Locus Of Thought
7. This Is a Test, No Flesh Should Be Spared
8. The Concept Of Existence
9. Suicide Medley
Line up Christian Fillippo - Vocals
Reic Dunn - Guitar
Joshua Dillon - Bass
Jeff Lohrber - Drums