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Light Pupil Dilate - Snake Wine
All the way from Atlanta Georgia hails the power rock-trio Light Pupil Dilate. With their mixture of classic metal, punk, hardcore and progressive rock they are trying to conquer souls since 2002. Their latest effort, Snake Wine, was recorded with Matt Washburn who also worked with Mastodon and Norma Jean.
Starting with ‘Prana’, which is midtempo song that reminds me a bit of Mastodon, they immediately throw in the heavy weight. That heavy weight continues in the following song ‘Twinkly’, which could be described as rhythm patterns that are mixed with heavy guitar parts added with Mastodon like vocal parts. With the third song, ‘Poly Viral’, it’s pretty clear. Again a lot of Mastodon influences.
Luckily there’s still a bit of own Light Pupil Dilate left in the song ‘Big Open’, where the vocalist shows he can actually sing and with his vocals he gives the song an own identity. Further along the album this happens again on other tracks and they manage to convince me that they’re not completely a Mastodon rip-off.
I’m not saying Light Pupil Dilate sucks as a band, it’s only that they remind me of Mastodon all the time. Add to this that the producer has also worked with Mastodon and you have your conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s a privilege to be compared with Mastodon, especially since they’re well crafted musicians. But the main problem is still that Light Pupil Dilate hasn’t a sound of its own.
Light Pupil Dilate - Snake Wine
55/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 30th, 2007
Rock / Hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Apr 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Light Pupil Dilate
Tracklisting 1. Prana
2. Twinkly
3. Poly Viral
4. Big Open
5. Selfless
6. Phlebitis
7. Shower Me With Your Love
8. Boundary Dissolution
9. Dive
Line up Eric Searle - Vocals/Guitar
Michael Green - Drums
Mike Chvasta - Vocals/Bass