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Experiment Sound Project - The Miracle In A Stranger Land
We all like Italy, 2006 football world champions and inventors of great food. Home of Marco Materazzi and more important, home of Monica Belucci ! Anyway, I'm drifting off here...Here at Metalrage HQ we get a lot of homemade CDs and demos from Italy. The ones I have received so far were accompanied by the most dumbass bandpictures ever! Fucking hilarious, check them out at So here we go, let's have a stab at Experiment sound Project.

According to their bio they're...Italian. Italian promotion agencies, who have English names, send out Italian bios to foreign countries. Smart move guys! So, I can't tell you shit about the band. What I can tell you about is the music, and it's shit. It starts with 'Overture 2005'. A sad attemtpt at being neo-classical with an electric piano. The great classic musician wolled over in their tombs when I first heard this one. After that, it's just uninspired copying and trying to sound like all the other progmetal bands out there. Experiment? Kiss my ass!

When you've finally fought through the first couple of songs, you hope you hear the intro to 'The Final Countdown' by Europe, just for old times sake! But no, it's still the same lame ass album you put on half an hour ago. Oh well, at least I got a laugh out of the bandphotos!
Experiment Sound Project - The Miracle In A Stranger Land
30/1001Details ???
Released on Sunday Apr 6th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Apr 6th, 2008

Tags: #Experiment Sound Project
Tracklisting 01.Overture 2005
02.The Miracle Pt.1
04.Breathe To The Sky
05.Make It Possible
06.Where The Heart Is
09.Lost In A Stranger Land
10.Piano Fading
Line up Michele Allegrucci - Voce
Matteo Bucefalo - Basso e Voce
Simone Gaggioli - Batteria
Allessandro Fiorucci - Tastiere e Piano
Enrico Gentili - Chatarre