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Majestic Downfall, Ansia - Split

A while ago we from received a package from the Russian Haarbn Productions and Solitude Productions. One of the promos we received was the split album of Majestic Downfall and Ansia. Majestic Downfall is an one-man, 90’s European Doom Metal influenced band from Mexico, while Ansia from Italy tries to find new sounds in the Doom genre. With this release Solitude Productions is trying to introduce these two bands to metalheads all over the world. Both bands bring, according to the company, their own sounds and visions of modern Doom Metal.

The CD starts with three songs from Majestic Downfall. The music from the mastermind behind this band, Jacobo, is influenced by bands like My Dying Bride and other European Doom acts, but these songs are certainly not just copycats of the music from for example MDB. The slow- and midtempo tracks have their own sound and especially the guitar riffs and vocals stand out. The production could have been a little bit better, but all in all Majestic Downfall is certainly a band worth listening to.

The Ansia tracks on this split-release are sounding even deeper and darker. This is truly some heavy music, but it’s a little less accessible than the music of their Mexican comrade. The music is more experimental, has more ambient atmospheres in it and even has some black influences. The piano-parts of Alessio Fagrelli are really great, just like the production. It is too bad singer, bassist and keyboardist Ethere recently quit the band, because they do have a lot potential.

If you like ‘90s orientated Doom and some more experimental stuff you should try this split-record. Personally I’m more into the 90's Doom and therefore I like Majestic Downfall a bit more, but Ansia is also recommendable.

Majestic Downfall, Ansia - Split
78/1001Details Solitude Productions
Released on Saturday Oct 13th, 2007

Writer @Gilles on Monday Apr 7th, 2008

Tags: #Majestic Downfall, Ansia
Tracklisting 01. A Birds Departure (Majestic Downfall)
02. In An Ocean Of Fears (Majestic Downfall)
03. A Tear Of Understanding (Majestic Downfall)
04. Part I (Ansia)
05. Part II (Ansia)
06. Part III (Ansia)
Line up Majestic Downfall

Jacobo - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drums


Ethere – Vocals, Bass and Synthesizer
Ruben – Drums
Steven – Guitars