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Innerwish - Silent Faces
Besides being known as the cradle of democracy, Athens (Greece) is also the home of [b]Innerwish[/b], a melodic powermetal band which was formed in 1995. Their third full-length album, [i]Silent Faces[/i]. Well, I�ll be straight to the point on this one. The music is not much different from any other good powermetal bands who actively produce material nowadays. The band�s influences are among others: [b]Riot[/b], [b]Jag Panzer[/b] and [b]Queensryche[/b]. What disappointed me a little is that they don�t really have an own sound (and I literally mean SOUND) in their music. On a compilation album which I happen to own they don�t really draw much attention to themselves. They sort of �blend in the masses�. Which can be seen as a good thing too: they can�t be put aside as a band which doesn�t have the right to be in the powermetal scene. They�re from Greece, but they�re just as good as many well-known american heavy metal bands! [b]Innerwish[/b] manages to write powerful songs and the melodies are very catchy at times. [i]If I Could Turn Back Time[/i], for example, is one hell of a good song. Catchy to the root and with nice guitarriffs, this song came out of my speakers a lot more than once. The vocals of Babis reminded me a bit of those of [b]Falconer[/b] vocalist Karl Kristoffer G�bel. Babis has the same power, melody and emotion in his vocal chords as Karl, which is a big compliment towards this promising Greek singer. The music, although it�s technical most of the time, still reaches a wide audience. And that�s worth a lot. I very much enjoyed listening to this album, but it just wasn�t enough to get me all-out enthousiastic. [b]Innerwish[/b] shows a lot of potential, though. So keep your eyes and ears wide open! [b]Line-Up[/b]: Babis Alexandropoulos � vocals Thimios Krikos � guitar Manolis Tsigos � guitar Antonis Mazarakis � bass Terry Moros � drums [b]Tracklisting[/b]: 1. Dancer Of The Storm 2. Hold Me Tight 3. If I Could Turn Back Time 4. Midnight Call 5. Hold On 6. Silent Faces 7. Dreadful Signs 8. Set Me Free 9. Riding On The Wind 10. Realms Of Tomorrow [b]Review by BlackRain[/b]
Innerwish - Silent Faces
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Innerwish
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