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Svartsyn - Timeless Reign
Like in all other metal genres, there is a lot of crap in the black metal scene. It's also hard to pick out the good albums in the record store, because black metal albums almost always have some ‘true’ album covers, so it is often very hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Whether ‘true’ covers are a bad or a good thing, you should decide for yourself. As I was studying the new Svartsyn album cover the big question mark appeared above my head. Is it good or is it bad?
I’d heard of the name Svartsyn many years ago, but I actually never heard any music by this band until now. Well there is much to listen to for me now, like their complete discography.
Damn I like this album. It is the perfect form of black metal to me. Rage, groove, razor sharp riffs, blasts, dark vocals and most of all a great atmosphere. This music gives me the same feeling when I’m listening to Taake, Kampfar, Angst and Satyricon. It sometimes even gives me some shivers. And when music makes me shiver, it means it's either awesome or terrible. This is far from terrible, but I guess you already guessed that.
The songs are compact but with enough variety to stay interesting. Many riffs remind me of Satyricon and Carpathian Forest. The balance between melody and raging blasts is great. And the production fits the music perfectly, raw but with a very clear sound. You can hear all the instruments very clearly, there is no big blur or a huge amount of treble.
It has been a while since I’ve heard a black metal album which blew me away, but Svartsyn did a great job with Timeless Reign. It is a shame I got to know this band so late. So my advice to all black metal fans: Make Timeless Reign part of your CD-collection.
Svartsyn - Timeless Reign
92/1001Details Carnal Records
Released on Monday Sep 3rd, 2007
black metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Apr 8th, 2008

Tags: #Svartsyn
Tracklisting 1. Intro / Surth Lit The Earth
2. Tehom
3. Sanctus Satanas
4. My Sinner
5. Birth Of Terror
6. Spiritual Death
7. Timeless Reign
Line up Ornias -Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Draugen –Drums