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Herrschaft - Tesla
As the worlds of electronic beat music and metal keep coming closer to each other, we received the record of the French band Herrschaft. This is a trio that combines harsh black metal with electro beats and such. It’s a concept band with a futuristic point of view, inspired by movies like 12 Monkeys, Mad Max and Blade Runner. And trust me, according to them the future doesn’t look too bright… just like in those movies.
Alright, it might sound like a weird combination, black metal and electro, but it sort of works. A lot of black metal has this spacey and dreamy guitar distortion anyway (which isn’t utilized on this record though), so adding some spacey beats and samples would work I’d say. Now, the guitars have a pretty basic metal sound, yet the vocals are very much black metal. Overall the thing gets a bit of an industrial sound, and I occasionally even have to think about a black metal version of the 90s hit act 2 Unlimited. How metal is that!?!
True grimm and necro black metal fanatics are well advised to stay away from this, but metalheads with an open mind towards electronic music should give this a try. It’s nicely produced and mixed with enough room for both the metal and the electronics. Music of the future indeed!
Herrschaft - Tesla
74/1001Details Code666
Released on Friday Apr 4th, 2008
Electro Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Apr 11th, 2008

Tags: #Herrschaft
Tracklisting 1. Valliant
2. Human Soul
3. The Grand Architects
4. Under Perfect Control
5. The Defenders
6. Tesla
7. Nemesis
8. I Am the One
9. Chaostructure
10. Apocalypse Child
11. Vortex
Uber Alles (hidden track)
Line up M(z)X - vocals
Zo3 - guitars, bass, FX
XeW - drums, machines