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Misery Speaks - Catalogue Of Carnage
Misery Speaks is a band that with the release of Catalogue Of Carnage (their third full-length release) is trying to find their way in the very crowded melodic death metal scene. Nowadays a scene that consists of a lot of copycats. A scene which hay day has passed years ago. Does Misery Speaks really add something to this scene or is this just again mediocrity at its best?
As noted in the introduction this is a variant of melodic death metal, though Misery Speaks is more of the heavy kind in that broad spectrum. They also mix some modern deathcore influences in their music, without suffocating in numerous breakdowns or chewed out riffs.
It´s been a while since I listened to this genre, because of the lack of interesting releases and my taste of music that is continuously shifting. I have to say that they impressed me. They can be compared with modern day Dark Tranquillity mixed with influences of bands like Dead To Fall and Heaven Shall Burn. Don´t expect that this is a groundbreaking release or something like that. They just kick serious ass, with a singer who possesses a great growl and a rhythm section which is as tight as a virgin.
This is just a great addition to the scene. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy, but straightforward melodic death metal! If you like Dark Tranquillity than you should really check this band out.
Misery Speaks - Catalogue Of Carnage
80/1001Details Drakkar Records
Released on Friday Jan 25th, 2008
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Apr 12th, 2008

Tags: #Misery Speaks
Tracklisting 1. The Scavenger
2. Sentiment Is Missing
3. Guilty As A Sin
4. To My Enemies
5. Lay This Burden Down
6. Catalogue Of Carnage
7. Engraved In Stone
8. Sounds Of Brutality
9. Storm Of Ideals
10. Fall Of Envy
Line up Claus Ulka – Vocals
Stephen Gall – Guitars
Florian Funtmann – Guitars
Martin Grossmann – Bass
Janosch Rathmer - Drums