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Magic Kingdom - Metallic Tragedy
[b]Magic Kingdom[/b] finds its origin in Belgium, land of beer, fries and some of the most famous comic � heroes of the world. The name of the band sounded familiair to me when I looked at the cover for the first time, but I couldn�t really tell why until I inserted the disc into my cd player... Now I remember. Guitarist Dushan Petrossi is one heck of a musician. He is often referred by the music press as the legitimate heir to the [b]Yngwie Malmsteen[/b] throne and boy, I know why. The symphonic power speed metal the band produces is quite fast and most of all, it�s very technical. Influenced by classic composers such as [b]Johann Sebastian Bach[/b] and [b]Vivaldi[/b], impressive instrumental pieces can be heard on the album. I think that, despite of all the classical influences, the instruments don�t overwhelm the listener. Vocalist Max Leclerq is more than capable of keeping himself on his feet next to the impressive skills of his fellow musicians. Just when you think you�ve heard it all, the final song comes along. [i]Metallic Tragedy[/i] is more like a mini-opera which literally reaches the very border of the genre in which the band experiments. Experimenting. That�s the right word to use in this context. No less than 5 different vocal types are used on this track. A blackmetal scream, a deathmetal grunt, a gothic soprano, a baritone and a �normal� heavy metal cry make their entrance in this story. It�s length is also quite impressive: over 13 minutes! I was thrilled by this song and I think it�s a pity there aren�t any more of them on this record. Well, for all fans in the genre, this belgium speed power metalband is definitely something for you! If you like progressive elements like the use of different vocal types in the genre, this album should be like oxygen to you. Check this album out: it�s promising, innovative and done by excellent musicians! [b]Line-Up[/b]: Max Leclerq � vocals Dushan Petrossi � guitars Anton Arkhipov � drums Aymeric Ribot � keyboards Vassili Moltchanow � bass [b]Tracklisting[/b]: 1. Tazira�s Magic Rite 2. Child Of The Nile 3. The Iron Mask 4. Flying Pyramids 5. Barabas 6. Master Of Madness 7. Black Magic Castle (instrumental) 8. Another Sun 9. The Fight 10. Metallic Tragedy [b]Review by BlackRain[/b]
Magic Kingdom - Metallic Tragedy
88/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Magic Kingdom
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