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Ex Libris - Amygdala
NOTE NR.1: The guy reviewing this  does not like dragons, evil stuff, drinking blood, gothic stuff in general and I think Lord Of the Rings is a movie about two gay ass dwarves walking their asses off while they really want to do something else with those asses. Having said that, let's check the music on this album.

And that's not half bad actually. For a band from the beautiful Holland, this is actually music on a pretty high level. The vocals (if you're into classical or neo-classical high pitched female vocals) are really damn good. And how can it not be...She has an academic degree in it. The music is pretty good to. It tends towards progressive rock, without drifting too far into that genre. You can definitely hear the undeniable musicianship these guys possess. For me, that's the best part of this album, because I am not a personal fan of this type of singing.

If this genre of music your game is (like magic trading cards were your game in high school and LOTR on your PS3 is now) this album will not disappoint you. The only thing that will bug you then is the shitty recording. Therefore I would like to suggest Ex Libris to find a decent studio and make a decent recording. Because your music, and all the people that read my review and hate me because they love this world of warcraft and elves 'n shit, deserve that.
Ex Libris - Amygdala
75/1001Details Keine Anung
Released on Saturday Apr 12th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Saturday Apr 12th, 2008

Tags: #Ex Libris
Tracklisting 4. Dawn Of Sugars
8. Love Is Thy Sin
1. Breathe With Me
6. Sail...
7. ...Out To Farewell
1/2. Death Becomes Us All
9. Destined
11. The Day Our Paths End

NOTE NR.2: I did not make these numbers (1/2 and so on...) up myself. For some reason the band thought this would be cool and they put on the sleeve.
Line up Dianne van Giersbergen - Vocals
Joost van de Pas - Drums
Paul van den Broek - Guitar
Peter den Bakker - Bass
Eva Albers - Guitar
Koen Stam - Keys