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21 Lucifers - In The Name Of...
21 Lucifers from Falun, which is a little town in Sweden, started in 2002 under the name Gridlock but changed the name shortly after. The reason, as they stated themselves, is because the name Gridlock was, mildly put, overrepresented in the metalscene. Trust me they were right, just do a quick search in google and you’ll know. Well let’s see what they have to say on their debut called In The Name Of.
After rather a standard thrashriff intro the album starts with ‘Violence‘ which made immediately clear that these guys do know how to handle their instruments. On the other hand that’s pretty obvious concerning the fact they're from Sweden and we all know that country is a great provider of good metal bands. Continuing with ‘Art Of Chaos’ which is for me perfectly clear, a thrash grind combination with some nice melody every once in a while.
The only thing that really raises my eyebrows on this album is the total playing time and the number of tracks. If you have 18 tracks on half an hour of playing time, the average per track is not very much. Of course you can say it’s great to have short songs to keep them powerful and aggressive but on the other hand, just when you start liking the track it’s already over. Another point is that because of the short playing time a lot of tracks sound the same and give me very easily the idea I have heard it before. Exceptions to this are the tracks ‘Broken’ and ‘Manmade Misery’ which both gave me the idea of being a complete song.
Well in the end I can say that In The Name Of has its moments of greatness with some great brutal pieces combined with some nice melody lines. But on the other hand there’s also the feeling I’ve heard this many times before. Add to this that during the album I had a hard time staying focused on this album and I conclude that the effort is nice but there’s still room for improvement.
21 Lucifers - In The Name Of...
63/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Sunday Apr 13th, 2008
Thrash metal

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Apr 13th, 2008

Tags: #21 Lucifers
Tracklisting 01. in the name of...
02. ...violence
03. art of chaos
04. greed spreader
05. die dead gone
06. hate will prevail
07. hope fades
08. perfect hell
09. broken
10. kill or blood
11. manmade misery
12. surprise! you're dead!
13. killing at will
14. where apathy dwells
15. self pollution
16. quid pro quo
17. 5 infernal years
18. retaliation
Line up Erik Skoglund - vocals
Nicklas Lindh - guitars
Tobbe Ols - guitars
Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson - bass
Olle Ferner - drums