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Bad Chopper - Bad Chopper
CJ Ramone's new band...I had to make sure I said that. So here it is, CJ Ramone's new band called Bad Chopper. For those who don't know CJ Ramone, don't sweat it, you didn't miss much. For fans of The Ramones, don't worry, you'll grow up someday. For the people who don't know what a chopper is; it's a motorcycle for straight guys and it's also an aircraft, but if ya take a look at the albumcover, mentioning the latter is a bit superflues and for some less intelligent readers it can be confusing. I'm sorry for that.

For everyone that survived the punk scene, their heroes from that band I just mentioned travelled the world for a long time, because they had to pay alimony. I can't say what CJ's reasons are, but according to their site, Bad Chopper is going around the world as well. Musically, if you liked his old band, you'll love his new band. Without getting annoying like a lot of punkbands can get (because they think they're fighting extinction, but what's already dead can't become extinct a second time now does it?) this band rolls on where punkrock once left off. A couple o' chords, an OK singer that's not that special and another guy beating off childhood frustrations on a drumkit.

All in all this is a nice album to just put on while playing poker with friends or when you're putting a new carburatorfanbeltthingie on your chopper (or a new rotor if you have the aircraft, which would be awesome!). Without pretending to do anymore, Bad Chopper just rocks on and most of the time, bands like this give away kick ass live shows. If they find their way to Holland I will be attending this and go there by bike. The type without a motor in it that is, because I can't afford a straight man's motor just yet.
Bad Chopper - Bad Chopper
70/1001Details Sonic Rendezvous
Released on Monday Apr 14th, 2008
Punk Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Apr 14th, 2008

Tags: #Bad Chopper
Tracklisting 01.Real Bad Time
02.Sick Of It
03.Ain't No Criminal
07.Do It To Me
08.Come On Now
09.Lucky Girl
11.All The Pretty Girls
12.Good Enough For Me
Line up Mark Sheehan
C.J. Ward
Brian Costanza