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After Forever - Invisible Circles
The Dutch metalband [b]After Forever[/b], who describe their music as an epic combination of metal with influences from classical music, gothic and prog rock, has come a long way already. Their latest album, [i]Invisible Circles[/i], is laying before me at this very moment. Let�s see what it�s like. Hmm... I must say I expected something in the style of the Finnish gothic metalband [i]Nightwish[/i]. Well, it�s nothing like that, actually. Although vocalist Floor was trained to be a classical singer, this record doesn�t really resemble a nightwish record. Guitarist Sander adds some raw grunts to Floor her soprano, which makes the whole more diverse. The music varies a lot, as already can be read in the style description. Most songs have a more catchy chorus, which makes it a bit more interesting to listen to. Most songs are played mid-paced, which is an excellent tempo for this kind of music, I think. The melodies don�t really appeal to me. They just don�t �feel right�. I never expected I�d have to say this, but this is the moment. I Can�t give a better explanation for it. There is nothing wrong with the musical and vocal professionalism of the performers, though. The sound is very good and the musical skills of these Dutchmen (and woman) deserve a big compliment. I had mixed feelings while listening to this record, I must say. I saw them live at Ozzfest once and I liked their show very much. But this album just can�t cut it in my opinion. They sure grew a lot since the release of their debut album, but not to my likings. I think it were the progressive rock elements that killed most of my enthousiasm. A pity. [b]Line-Up[/b]: Floor Jansen - Soprano Sander Gommans - Guitars, Solo, Grunts Bas Maas - Guitars, Vocals Lando van Giles - Synths Luuk van Gerven - Bass Andre Borgman - Drums, Solo, Acoustic Guitars [b]Tracklisting[/b]: 1. Childhood In Minor 2. Beautiful Emptiness 3. Between Love And Fire 4. Sins Of Idealism 5. Eccentric 6. Digital Deceit 7. Through Square Eyes 8. Blind Pain 9. Two Sides 10. Victim Of Choices 11. Reflections 12. Life�s Vortex [b]Review by BlackRain[/b]
After Forever - Invisible Circles
50/1001Details Transmission Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #After Forever
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