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Remembrance - Silencing The Moments

I almost got worried a bit, because it already was some time ago I received a funeral doom album from the Firedoom / Firebox Records duo. With Silencing The Moments they this time sent me a CD from a French couple, called Remembrance. Silencing The Moments is the band’s second full-length and their debut for the above mentioned labels. According to the promotion-sheet I received this disc is a “much-awaited” studio album. I don’t know their previous work, so I don’t know why it is a much-awaited album yet, but hopefully Remembrance can explain that through their music to me.

Looking at the artwork, the amount of songs and especially at the length of them I couldn’t discover something ground-breaking. The artwork is nice, but standard and there are 6 tracks on it, which are all about 10 minutes long – except for the short ‘These Hallways Are Eternal’. Except for the length, this song is also music-wise a little bit of an outsider. The gloomy keyboard atmospheres combined with the spoken words of Carline are not that heavy, but still they set a perfect dark atmosphere. This song could have easily been a piece of the score of a movie where something very tragically happens.

The other compositions are a bit standard funeral doom compositions if you ask me. Everything sounds dark and heavy with very deep grunts and keyboard atmospheres, which make you shiver. The growling of Matthieu is alternated greatly with the beautiful voice of Carline and they let the listener forget about everything around them. Unfortunately they’re not the first ones who are doing this and therefore this score is just 80%… Great music and a record that will probably keep its head up between the other doom releases this year, but don’t expect something world-shocking.

Remembrance - Silencing The Moments
80/1001Details Firedoom / Firebox Records
Released on Monday Apr 14th, 2008
Funeral Doom

Writer @Gilles on Friday Apr 18th, 2008

Tags: #Remembrance
Tracklisting 01. Thief Of Light
02. Death Diaries
03. Silencing The Moments
04. These Hallways Are Eternal
05. Fragments
06. One Reckless Sleep
Line up Carline Van Roos – Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Bass
Matthieu Sachs – Guitars, Vocals