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Incubator - LieBISSlieder
Incubator is a band looking for another run to the top of the genre because this band held a sabbatical for 10 years before releasing a new album. Since the departure of Chris Mummelthey the band got caught in some bad weather, but thank god Chris is back and reformed Incubator. And now they’re back with a vengeance….or…well…uhhmmm…just read on…
I’m not familiar with their previous work, so I cannot compare this album with their other releases. What I can tell is that Incubator plays a variant of death/thrash metal, with as gimmick the use of the German language. Now I don’t mind listening to music sang in an other language than the English one (see my review of L’Esprit Du Clan elsewhere on this site), but the language should suit the style of music.
In my opinion the German language is suitable for two kinds of genres; hardcore and metal in the style of Rammstein. Why? Because I think that German language is a very powerful one. One you can easily use in commands and short sentences, therefore hardcore is a very suitable genre. Unfortunately for Incubator, I find that the German language isn’t really suitable for the type of music they play. The lack of intonation and rhythmic diversity of the words is really bothering me to listen to this album for the fun of it!
The first couple of spins didn’t bring me further than the first few songs, because I got bored as hell by it. These songs really made me feel like reviewing music is actual work! Besides the German language, the vocal style of Chris really ticked me off. No variety, no power, just blatant shouting….I have heard this style like a dozen times, but then with a little more passion and emotion! I also don’t like the production. Too thin and I hardly could hear the guitars, because the vocals are way too prominent on this record.
Thank god the quality of the songs is steadily increasing, when you are past the first four songs. I almost tend to enjoy some of the songs, because there are some hardcore elements present and that brings the best out of the vocals of Chris. The last couple of songs were decent, still not groundbreaking but enjoyable. But since the first half of the album is just plain bad, I cannot give this album a high score.
On a completely different note (and no I don’t mean this sarcastic!!!) I would like to thank Massacre Records for sending a promo without voice-overs! Thumbs up for them, but unfortunately for Incubator, even this positive note won’t bring their score to the right side of the scale.  
Incubator - LieBISSlieder
50/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Mar 28th, 2008

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Apr 19th, 2008

Tags: #Incubator
Tracklisting 1. Narzist
2. S
3. Schön
4. Für Immer
5. Der Weg
6. Danke
7. Frei
8. F**k Mich
9. Stapellauf
10. Der Jüngste Tag
Line up Chris Mummelthey – Vocals
Lasse Lammert – Guitars
Ziegler – Guitars
Dirk Weiss - Bass
Mischa Wagner – Drums