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Orkrist - Reginae Mysterium
Reginae Mysterium by Orkrist starts with a nice melancholic introduction which blasts into the first real song on the album called Nocturnal Rite. This song is a nice song with a simple, but good synthesizer line. There is a good mix between the dark crackling vocals of Crom and the beautiful clean vocals of Lydia. Damn what a fine voice she has. Then we get an introduction called Orkrist for the next song called The Ancient War Spirit, which has speeded up guitar parts and a nice flute part also by Lydia, multi talented she is! The songs are quite laid back and on the album so far I haven�t encountered really fast songs, only melancholic dramatic songs, which I do like although it�s not my favourite. Sword And Sorcery also starts with a nice intro and Lydia shows her beautiful voice again, she easily can compare with Floor Jansen, vocalist of After Forever. Although she must learn to use power in her vocals, then it really kicks ass. Anyways, this song is a ballad and not a bad one either! Euthymia finally opens up my ears, because this is a very speed up song with great bass/guitar coordination. Justice The Beauty sounds like the name, it�s a slow ballad like song, which slowly erupts into a great guitar solo. The synths are a bit annoying in this song, but not bad executed. Desire In The Grace Of Night is a long song with a complex structure, and finally Orkrist has convinced me that they are not one of those 1000 other doom/gothic/black bands that are loose in the world. This song can be seen as a black metal song with speeded drums. Personally I think this is the best song on the album and I certainly will listen to it many times. The title track of the album is an instrumental song with synthesizers, and then we get ready for Mourning Of A Rose. A nice slow song with Lydia singing to her best, Crom and Lydia together are a good force because the high clean vocals of Lydia and the dark growling of Crom sound variegated. The album ends with an instrumental epilogue.

I must say that this album really isn�t bad at all, but it�s obvious that the accent lies on instrumental/synthesizer parts. There are many slow songs on the album and I think that fans of bands like After Forever, The Gathering, Penumbra and Therion certainly have to check their website.


1. Apron - Legio Diabolica
2. Nocturnal Rite
3. Orkrist
4. The Ancient War Spirit
5. Sword And Sorcery
6. Euthymia
7. Justice The Beauty
8. Desire In The Grace Of The Night
9. Reginae Mysterium
10. Mourning Of A Rose
11. Epilogue

Line Up:

Vocals/Synth: Crom
Vocals/Flute: Lydia
Guitar: Khayo
Bass: Kabi
Drums: Pyros
Orkrist - Reginae Mysterium
77/1001Details KRV records/Forensick
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Orkrist
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