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Helangår - [kwIn'tes sens]
The world is growing together and physical distances are no longer a limit. Scientists are going to resolve the great answers of life. Physicians have a vision of a substantial world formula. Neuroscientists are trying to decode the human brain and our inner feelings. This knowledge leads to more repression of the nature and to the fourth humiliation of mankind. This is the topic of [kwIn’tes sens].

So, what we have here is, simply said, a two man band unleashing a concept album onto the world. A concept that has been well considered and therefore attracts my attention. Still, the whole thing seems a little vague; a weird album title, weird song titles and an almost too deep concept. Meet Helangår.

Let me start with telling you this ain’t no band for the masses. Therefore this music simply is too hard to digest. And then let me tell you something else: I have no clue how to describe this album properly to you. It just contains so much influences. Guitars, drums, pianos, organs, growls, gentile singing, hysterical screaming and so on. Besides this, there’s no way you can move to this music properly without looking ridiculous. I mean, it’s not something to bang your head to, something with a nice and standard rhythm.

The music varies a lot in tempos. From slow, almost doom-like passages to mid-tempo guitar work, mostly accompanied by German vocals. Sometimes English too, although I wonder whether these experimental lads should sing in English. Watch the accent guys!

Man oh man, how can I tell you something more about this without sounding completely fucked in the head? Hmm…maybe you can try to imagine walking in a fairytale-landscape when suddenly you walk around in a forest that even Quentin Tarantino wouldn’t use for his movies. Then all of a sudden you fly through the sky, very peacefully, looking at the earth below only to find yourself under water in a deep ocean the next minute. Does that make any sense to you? If not, then don’t try Helangår. If it does, give it a shot! It’s certainly not something you’ll hear every day.

I do know one thing for sure. It’s impossible for me to score this album. Therefore I won’t. You can find out for yourself whether it’s your thing or not. It’s not my thing, yet I do like it somehow. That’s all I can tell you when it comes to judgement.

Now, I normally don’t add the length of the songs to the track listing but this time I did. Just for you to show you how diverse the songs are. ‘Cause I honestly think you can already tell that from the differences in duration.
Helangår - [kwIn'tes sens]
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Friday Mar 28th, 2008
Avantgarde, Metal, Progressive

Writer @Boek on Monday Apr 21st, 2008

Tags: #Helangår
Tracklisting 01. … (1.47)
02. Was ble!bt (7.37)
03. Nichts (13.07)
04. L’amour du mensonge (5.21
05. …(0.34)
06. Dolly worries (10.07)
07. Spiritual Amputations (5.50)
08. …(1.32)
Line up Johannes Fuβ
Florian Fuβ