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Sideblast - Flight Of A Moth
Sideblast formed in 2004. With Flight Of A Moth this extreme metal band from France release their debut album. Sideblast have created their own style that consists of death, thrash and black metal.
Staight from the start, this record shows what Sideblast is all about. Double bassdrum, shredding guitar riffs and a powerull grunt from singer Fredd. The album starts with a small intro, but when “The Absence”  kicks in, the album takes off from there. The only moment when there is some quiet time, is when you hit the pause button, which you won’t. 
It’s hard to categorize Sideblast, which is a good thing this day in age. The music is very hard and up-tempo. There is not a moment of rest on this album. But that is also the band’s weakness, it’s like there is no cohesion between the songs. Nontheless a good debut.
If you’re a fan of Slipknot or Morbid Angel, you should certainly check out this album and band. Sideblast will not disappoint you.
Sideblast - Flight Of A Moth
75/1001Details Cyclone Empire
Released on Friday Mar 14th, 2008
Extreme Metal

Writer @Zmok on Monday Apr 21st, 2008

Tags: #Sideblast
Tracklisting 01. Storyboard
02. The Absence
03. Pattern Of Life
04. Deep Scorn
05. The Circle Is Closed
06. Wrong Desicion
07. Since The First Day
08. Flight Of A Moth
09. Lucid Dream
10. Same Blood

11. Arise (Sepultura-Cover)
Line up Fredd - Vocals and Screams
Noam - Guitars, Keyboards and Samples
Sebb - Drums and Screams
Nacim - Bass