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Pharaoh - Be Gone
Beer belly, older, shabby clothes… at first sight, Pharaoh doesn’t give the impression to be much of a wild metal band. They look more like your local football / poker / drinking buddies. They might also be that for as far as I know, but my first-hand thoughts about them were dead wrong. That much became clear to me when I put on their latest effort, Be Gone.

‘Speak To Me’ is a somewhat modest opener, but as soon as the second song kicks in, you’re already pumping with anxiety to see a live show by this band. It’s hard to believe that the band photograph I just saw features the musicians on this album. The vocals are raw, yet highly melodic, with maybe a hint of Manowar and the guitars are so - damn - tight. Battering drums keep the impressively written songs in line and the rhythm guitars feature fast strummed riffs with progressive fills. Choruses are memorable, yet ‘true’ (if I may use that term). Take ‘Rats And Rope’ for example. The track incorporates features of old school speed metal and the accessible melodies of a Maiden song. But the raw, sturdy vocals prevent the style of being referred to as poppy, which, all in all, makes for a terrific combination of first-class metal.

It’s hard to find any points of criticism on Be Gone. It really is an outstanding effort. The one thing that might be the source of a little irritation after a while, are the reoccurring guitar leads that accompany the vocals. There’s always so much to hear, it can be tiring to always have to focus on every single detail. Other than that, the raw power and primal energy of Pharaoh just keep on rocking. Could this really be an album being referred to as a ‘classic’ in the future? I sure as hell wouldn’t be surprised; this stuff is for real. Beer belly, go!

Pharaoh - Be Gone
87/1001Details Cruz Del Sur Music
Released on Wednesday Apr 23rd, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Thursday Apr 24th, 2008

Tags: #Pharaoh
Tracklisting 1. Speak To Me
2. Dark New Life
3. No Remains
4. Red Honor
5. Buried At Sea
6. Rats And Rope
7. Cover Your Eyes And Pray
8. Telepath
9. Be Gone
Line up Tim Aymar - vocals
Matt Johnsen - guitars
Chris Kerns - bass
Chris Black - drums