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Third Degree - Punk Sugar
There are many metal bands called Third Degree, but this Polish one is the only one I actually know due to their connections with Antigama, NYIA and Herman Rarebell. I never actually heard the band, so when their full length Punk Sugar arrived at our office I was anxious to take a peek. Here’s what I think of it.
Third Degree is a grindcore band. But just like the other two bands I mentioned in the intro, it is not a standard blastbeat grindcore band, but one which tries to look further at the possibilities of this extreme genre. They do this by adding a sort of punkish rock ‘n’ roll attitude, and by creating experimental song structures in the vein of Antigama. Overall this gives a refreshing sound, but it doesn’t totally convince me to be honest.
The production and mixing of this album has been handled very well, so the sound you hear is quite accessible. My main problem is that the songs don’t stick around in my head, they just pass by one at a time and before I know it, the album is over. I support their choice in trying something different with grindcore by trying to create a sound of their own. But in the end it just doesn’t grab me by the balls, and that is something that extreme metal should do I think. Good try, but not quite yet.
Third Degree - Punk Sugar
62/1001Details Selfmadegod Records
Released on Monday Mar 10th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Apr 27th, 2008

Tags: #Third Degree
Tracklisting 01. From Simple Punks
02. Millennium Of Recycling Christ
03. Twelve Millions
04. Where Is The Consumation?
05. Thoughts
06. Dead Will
07. So Long Bastards
08. Punk Sugar
09. Surrounded By Victims
10. ...And Now Something Completely Different
11. Manipulation
12. Pathic
Line up Jarek "Blackie" Mielczarek - vocals
Szymon Czech - guitar
Andrzej "Buddah" Pawlowski - guitar
Piotr "Fazi" Paltian - bass
Wojtek "Gonzo" Blaszkowski - drums