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Gods Of Emptiness - Consumption Is Freedom?
Gods Of Emptiness (Morbid Angel anyone?) started out with their brutal death metal in 1994 in Germany, and has released one EP and one full length so far. Now they bring us their latest effort Consumption Is Freedom?. Let’s see what these Germans are made of.
First of all the album starts of pretty badly due to the horrid cover and the even more stupid logo. That doesn’t promise much good for the music to come. Which is your basic brutal death metal and grindcore that we’ve heard too many times before. I guess they’re paying tribute to their heroes and all, but it doesn’t add anything to the genre. Overall the music is played quite tight though, and you can hear there are talented musicians in this band. It’s just that this is a re-regurgitation of all the extreme brutal noise that’s been around for two or three decades now.
The fact that some lyrics are in German make it even worse for me, I get really annoyed by this but this is more a personal matter I’d say. And the fact that they wrote a song about TV-detective Columbo entitled ‘Columbo Is God’ doesn’t add to their credit as a death metal band either. Judging from some more of the lyrics the band has a childish approach anyway, so I guess I’d better not concentrate on that too much. Oh and the industrial attempt in ‘Music For Masses’ and the rock ‘n’ roll aspects in the last two tracks don’t work either. It’s more like annoying that they interfere their own style of music.
I have to say that this isn’t a bad record, but it’s just done so many times before. Add the infantile lyrics and the fact that they don’t rise above the average level, and I guess that the average death metal fan will probably prefer to pick up a record from a band which he already knows rather than investing in a new band called Gods Of Emptiness.
Gods Of Emptiness - Consumption Is Freedom?
58/1001Details Bad Land Records
Released on Friday Apr 18th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Apr 27th, 2008

Tags: #Gods Of Emptiness
Tracklisting 01. Religion Is A Cancer
02. The Book Of Love And Peace
03. Unknown Truth
04. Nihil
05. Columbo Is God
06. Weltkrieg
07. Im Westen Nichts Neues
08. Music For Masses
09. Fuck Your Isms
10. Suicide Weapon
11. Testosterone Junkie (Mr. Ego 160cm)
12. Fashionstyle Bastard
13. Tribute To Mundl
Line up Hanson - guitar
David - bass
Lukas - drums
Heimo - vocals
Mike - guitar