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Destinity - The Inside
Destinity from France has been around since 1996 and has just released their fourth full-length album called The Inside. It made me very curious from the beginning, especially since France is not a country that’s well-known for its contribution in the world of metal.  Although every now and then a band crawls from the underground that is worthwhile checking out.
The first thing I noticed about this album is probably the great production that is the work of Jacob Hansen who has worked with Raunchy, Mercenary and Deadlock. Add to this a very tight rhythm section and great guitar work and you’ll know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the music on this album. But like we all know, a great album is not only the work of great musicianship. The tracks have to be great as well.
Luckily for me, Destinity has learned how to create some interesting metal tracks and lay them down on this album. Take for example the first track, ‘My Senseless Theory’, it has an intro that has Soilwork written all over it but after that, they lift the track to a more death metal structure combined with sometimes melodic vocals. A great mixture that comes back on the album several times.
After a few turns it’s pretty obvious to me Destinity created an album that’s full of interesting songs with nice combinations. Just take the almost power metal chorus in ‘Murder Within’, the Dimmu Borgir like intro of ‘Thing I Will Never Feel’, the Slayer-like riff in ‘A Thousand Falling Skies’ or the acoustic intro to ‘Escaping Reality’. All great pieces of music that push the track to another level. In the end it’s pretty obvious if you like melodic death metal you should check this one out. The only question that still remains in my head is whether Destinity will sound just as good live?
Destinity - The Inside
82/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Apr 28th, 2008
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Apr 29th, 2008

Tags: #Destinity
Tracklisting 01. My senseless theory
02. Murder within
03. Thing I will never feel
04. Still remember
05. A thousand falling skies
06. Inhuman corrosive report
07. Ready to leave
08. Enemy process
09. Escaping reality
10. The inside
Line up Mick – Lead vocals
Zephiros – Lead guitar
Ponce – Guitar and lead guitar
David – Bass
Morteüs – Drums&Keyboards&Backing vocals