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Names Are For Tombstones - Dreadful September
Naft, which stands for Names Are For Tombstones, hails from Denmark. After recording their first two demos in their own rehearsing studio and only releasing them on the internet as free downloads, Naft decided to take the next step. So a studio was arranged and it took 7 days to lay down the third demo of Naft called Dreadful September. This time promotional copies were also send to foreign magazines including
To be honest I always enjoy a band that is still following the old path, creating demos and sending it to several magazines. In my opinion it’s way better than posting two songs on a MySpace and mailing everybody you're so great and you’ve got two new songs on your MySpace. So with this in the back of my head Naft has already scored some points before starting with the demo.
During the first tracks one thing especially pulls my attention. The production of the snare is so bad it actually sounded more like a tom to me. After getting used to that annoying sound I realised the tracks on this demo are pretty nice. It’s not like they invented thrash metal but the riffs a quite amusing and sometimes pretty original.
Overall Naft left quite a positive impression. Especially since there’s a lot of variety in the tracks. For example ‘Take The Blame’ has a great Bay Area thrash vibe in it and the following track, ‘Confession… Or Less’, leans more on the stoner metal sound. In the end I should say it’s not very bad for a demo. It’s still not good enough for an entire full length album, especially the drums are still a bit messy, but I’d like to say Naft is on the right track.
Names Are For Tombstones - Dreadful September
60/1001Details None
Released on Saturday Mar 29th, 2008
Thrash metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Apr 29th, 2008

Tags: #Names Are For Tombstones
Tracklisting 1. Leaving The Circus
2. Refuse
3. Dreadful September
4. Take The Blame
5. Confession... Or Less
6. Beating Of My Mind
7. For No Apparent Reason
Line up Nick Damn - guitar
Ancent van Rock - guitar
Caper Wild - bass and vocals
Metalex - drums