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Whitecross - Nineteen Eighty Seven
According to their bio, Whitecross has been dominating the Christian metal scene since 1987, hence the name of the band. They've won several awards for their albums, from which they have made about a thousand. This album is a re-release. The original was released in 2005 on another record company. The question whether religion and music should be combined is a question to be answered by everyone for him or herself. However, keep in mind, we are metalRAGE and therefore we're closer to the beast than to the garden of eden.

Having said that; the music! Nineteen Eighty Seven (from hereon out known as 1987) is a fantastic name for this album! Why? Well, back in 1987 this was pretty cool music. It's like Bon Jovi on steroids, with harmonics and religious lyrics. The vocals are pretty straight forward, as are the drums. The guitars are really good. I'm a fan of harmonics and heavy ass guitars, however, it's a bit too much....well...1987.

I wasn't familiar with this band before, but I can kinda guess what the rest of the records sound like. I'm a big fan of bands that try to re-invent or redefine music. None of this is happening on this record. It's all been done before and therefore it gets a bit old after a while.
Whitecross - Nineteen Eighty Seven
61/1001Details Retroactive
Released on Friday Mar 28th, 2008
Christian Metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday May 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Whitecross
Tracklisting 1. Who Will You Follow (4:04)
2. Enough Is Enough (4:04)
3. He Is The Rock (4:36)
4. Lookin' For A Reason (3:34)
5. No Way I'm Goin' Down (4:12)
6. Seein' Is Believin' (4:28)
7. All I Need (4:13)
8. Nagasake (1:53)
9. Signs Of The End (4:00)
10. Love on the Line
11. Re:Animate

+four hidden bonus tracks (hidden messages????)
Line up Rex Carroll - guitars
Scott Wenzel - vocals
Mike Fieghan - drums