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flu.ID - Iots
Exile On Mainstream Records has more than once surprised me with their experimental noise rock acts. flu.ID is no exception, again I am blown away by sheer talent. These Germans bring us their debut full length entitled Iots, which is actually a collection of their previous two 10 inches, completely remastered and packed with some electronic interludes and bonus tracks.
It’s hard to really describe this band, other than saying that it’s an insane, crazy noise rock band that goes from brutal tech-metal attacks to breakcore beats to psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll. A shitload of variation, brilliant twists that keep you on your toes and in general, a rock feel that makes you want to swing your dick around and bang your head, if you ever considered to do that.
Vocally there’s also a lot going on, nasty screams dominate the most part of the album, but some clean vocals appear every now and then and in the last track ‘Taka-Takaz’ even some clean female vocals appear. The choice to add electronic interludes between some of the songs really give an extra kick, especially when one of them throws in a massif gabber beat.

If you usually dig the releases on Exile On Mainstream Records, be sure not to miss out on flu.ID. Bizarre noise rock, with a harsh almost-metal sound and a good dose of electronics. Eclectic music for an acquired taste.
flu.ID - Iots
83/1001Details Exile On Mainstream Records
Released on Monday Apr 21st, 2008
Noise Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Friday May 16th, 2008

Tags: #flu.ID
Tracklisting 01. Ordinary Different
02. Necromancer
03. Enthymem
04. New Imperial Sadism
05. Pens Are Friends
06. Idiots
07. Estonia Flutet die Titanic
08. Zuegli
09. b
10. Strategy First
11. Peace, Love and Empathy
12. Ira
13. Revelation
14. All I Can Give
15. Taka-Takaz
Line up Roeder - bass & vocals
Kroever - guitar & vocals
Xaver - drums