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Allguilty - Primary Color Solution
Hailing from Canada, Allguilty is a deathcore band that self-releases their debut record Primary Color Solution. There is actually a funny story behind the title of this record. The bio states that ‘the rebel sells and always will’. Therefore The Beatles recorded The White Album and Metallica recorded The Black Album. Following in this trend, Allguilty release their Primary Color Solution.
The sound this band portrays is brutal deathcore. Which means brutal death metal combined with metal and hardcore grooves. Indeed the name of their fellow countrymen Despised Icon comes to mind, very often even, while listening to this record. Yet I have to say that Despised Icon reigns at a very high level, and Allguilty certainly hasn’t reached that yet. But they’re very much on the right path I do have to say.

Overall the album has a nice brutal sound and a swinging groove next to the fast death metal parts. The vocalist could use a little more power though, and the songs just a little more thought. And the experimental passages they try every now and then sound a bit out of place. And I would like to comment on their spoken word thank you list, which is basically the last track of the album. It’s dumb, don’t do that. For the rest Primary Color Solution is a worthy addition to the collection of any deathcore fan.
Allguilty - Primary Color Solution
74/1001Details Self Released
Released on Saturday May 17th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday May 17th, 2008

Tags: #Allguilty
Tracklisting 1. Mathias
2. Train
3. All those Years
4. Bagman
5. Let's Go Motivation
6. Franko Gherry
7. I of Against
8. Cake and Steak
Line up Mr. Guilty
Dan Bernier
Dave Cabang
Joc Gauthier
Rick Bbbbb