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Daylight - Vague Pictures of Amazing Moments
Daylight is one of those bands who mix hardcore with some metal riffs and melodies, which will probably qualify them for the "emocore" corner of current music.[i]Vague Pictures of Amazing Moments[/i] is Daylight's follow-up to [i]When Great People Fall[/i], which had some postive reviews here and there. The music itself reminds me of a sort of crossbreed of Boysetfire and From Autumn to Ashes, but without that edge that makes those two bands what they are. The band uses two singers, which we have seen with other similar bands. One for the hardcore screams, and one for the more melodic parts. One of my favorite tracks on the cd is "The Greatest of All Speeches", which has a nice melodic intro that even reminded me of old Metallica. Nice guitar lead as well. It has a good sing-along chorus, and the overal structure is good. I do have to notice that alot of the songs are played around the same tempi, which makes the cd sound a bit similar overall. A better mix of faster and slower parts would work well. The dynamics between the two vocalists is good, every song has its agressive and melodic hooks. We find some spoken word passages as well, altough the guys could work on their english pronounciation a bit here and there. Daylight has some very good riffs in their songs from a melodic point of view, most of them are pretty catchy and uplifting. In the end I enjoyed the cd, but felt that a lot of things could be improved on. The production isnt that good, and to my ears it sounded that the band didnt play "tight". The potential is definitly there, and if the band continues to improve they will become one of the better European artists in this genre. tracklist: 01 - Stairway to Sickness 02 - Red Sails in the Sunset 03 - The Greatest of All Speeches 04 - The Only Thing I Cannot Give 05 - The Unfound Reason 06 - Sweet Espace in an Age of Global Stagnancy 07 - Giant Burden 08 - A Satellite Smile 09 - Vague Pictures of Amazing Moments 10 - Beautitaker 11 - Porcelain Eyes 12 - Five Minute Adventure Hymn
Daylight - Vague Pictures of Amazing Moments
67/1001Details incendiary records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Daylight
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