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Horse The Band - A Natural Death
Horse The Band is a group of weirdoes from Los Angeles who have created a style dubbed Nintendo-core. A Natural Death is their third release of metal mayhem and bizarre noises that often resemble Nintendo videogame noises. Cool shit!
Again an example of the growing use of samples in metal music, Horse The Band surprises the listener with a fresh sound. I never heard any previous material of these guys, in fact I was even confusing their name with Band Of Horses. I’m glad I got confronted with this record, because it simply kicks ass on all fronts! These guys go from metalcore to mathcore to death metal to even punk-rock while assassinating you with a shitload of samples and loops. The band manages to hold the listener’s attention for the entire album which features 16 insane tracks of leading experimental metal music.
The thing is that the sound they provide is quite accessible for a more mainstream audience. Just think of an more relaxed version of The Locust. I for one bet that a live show will make at least half the crowd a fan of Horse The Band. It has good metal passages to bang your head to, but they bring it in a way I’ve never heard it before. Next week they’re playing in Amsterdam, and I’ll fucking be there for sure! So if you have an open mind towards metal music I’d suggest you give them a try and check them out on tour!
Horse The Band - A Natural Death
89/1001Details Koch Records
Released on Saturday May 5th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday May 20th, 2008

Tags: #Horse The Band
Tracklisting 1. Hyperborea
2. Murder
3. The Startling Secret Of Super Sapphire
4. Beach
5. Face Of Bear
6. Crickets
7. New York City
8. Sex Raptor
9. Broken Trail
10. Red Tornado
11. Treasure Train
12. His Purple Majesty
13. Kangarooster Meadows
14. Rotting Horse
15. I Think We Are Both Suffering From the Same Crushing Metaphysical Crisis
16. Lif
Line up Lord Gold - keys
David Isen - guitar
Nathan "The General" - vocals
Dashiell Han Arkenstone - bass
Jon from the Number 12 - drums