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Gun Barrel - Outlaw Invasion
Being stealthy is cool these days. Look at computergames and shit...Be as stealthy as you can be. However, in music, you kind of want people to know you...Strangely enough I did not know Gun Barrel before, even though this is their fourth (!) album. And somehow a lot of people have the same problem. That's where we, as, come in and fix this once and for all. We are proud to present to you; Gun Barrel with their latest album Outlaw Invasion.

The album heads off uncompromisingly and seizes to rock until the ballad 'Tomorrow Never Comes'. Where at first this seems to take the edge of the album, it's actually a nice breather and a really good song! And as far as the rocking is concerned, don't worry about a thing. Pay special attention to 'Turn To Black' and 'Cheap, Wild & Nasty' for some good old up-tempo rock! If you're more into the rock anthems, Scorpion's style, you'll get off listening to 'M.I.L.F.'.

Gun Barrel is one of the few that still remembers how to make some good old up-tempo hard rock! It's like those cookies grandma used to make; The old crown took the recipe to the grave, but somewhere out there, in this big great world, there are people that still now they should be made, old-school!
Gun Barrel - Outlaw Invasion
83/1001Details Limb Music Productions
Released on Friday Apr 11th, 2008
Power Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Wednesday May 21st, 2008

Tags: #Gun Barrel
Tracklisting 1. Invasion Warning
2. Front Killers
3. Turn To Black
4. Wanted Man
5. The Redeemer
6. Keep On MovinĀ“
7. Cheap, Wild&Nasty
8. Brother To Brother
9. Ghost Inside
10. M.I.L.F.
11. Tomorrow Never Comes
12. Outlaw Invasion
13. Parting Kiss
Line up Toni Pinciroli - Drums
Rolf Tanzius - Guitar
Tomcat Kintgen - Bass
Xaver Drexler - Vocals