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Another Dead Hero - Burden For The Living
It's a rare thing to be blown away by a band the first couple of times you hear them. The last band that had a major impact on me personally was Atomship, which was recommended by Mark Tremonti after an interview (If those names sound somewhat unfamiliair to you, press ctrl+t, or if you have a real computer apple+t and Google them now!). In this line of rare bands I have added a new name; Another Dead Hero.

Their latest EP (unfortunately no full length, 49 minutes however) is titled Burden For The Living. Filled with songs over seven minutes, it caught my attention. The first thing I noticed on this album is the small room they made for vocals, and that's exactly the power of this band! When the vocals are there, it's right on the money, and when absent the band gets room and time to build up to epic hights! If you're (like me) a fan of bands such as TOOL or Atomship, this is a welcome addition to your life. I guarantee!

The guitars are really good and dark, as is the bass. The drummer is just a really, really good drummer that does not overdo it. Often with these kind of bands the drummer tends to act like a quarterback demanding all of the attention, however this guy knows how to collectively shine! The album reaches its highlight with 'Quarantine'. A slow build up with some great in your face metal moments!

Besides the vocals, a very strong side of this band is the balance of their music. This way they can build up from scratch and really make you sort of anxious for the explosion to come. This band is a must for music lovers all over the world, if they can maintain this quality and pull off another album like this, or another 49 minute EP for all I care, this band is bound to hang around in the magical world of music!
Another Dead Hero - Burden For The Living
91/1001Details None
Released on Wednesday May 21st, 2008
Experimental / Proggressive

Writer @LondonCustoms on Wednesday May 21st, 2008

Tags: #Another Dead Hero
Tracklisting 1. Virus (inside us)
3. Descent
4. Rebirth (i marauders ii reanimation)
5. Quarantine
6. One For The Fire
7. Burden
Line up Chris Saunders - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Marsala - Guitar
Rob Saunders - Bass
Jack Burley - Drums, Vocals
Daniel J Allum - Percussion
Laura Kate Davies - Vocals
Tom Halliday - Vocals