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Uninvited Guest - Malice In Wonderland

With their second album Malice In Wonderland, Uninvited Guest tries to conquer the music-world with their dark rock. In comparison with their debut Faith In Oblivion this record is said to be “more mature and theatrical in sound, altogether darker in character”. Because I never heard of this band before I can’t tell you if this is true, but I do can tell you if it sounds mature, theatrical and dark.

To set something straight right away: Uninvited Guest doesn’t sound mature at all. Their music can best be described as an annoying little kid, which keeps on whining and nagging while you’re working your ass off. Furthermore it all sounds very outdated and although singer Hathaway really can sing, he can’t save his band. The only song that can impress me a bit is ‘Still I Miss The Man’, which is dedicated to Hathaway’s deceased father.

The band has paid a lot of attention to the design of the record and their outfits, but when it comes to their music they could have done so much more. If this is the hottest new goth band in the U.K. at the moment, I definitely feel sorry for the people who like this kind of music over there. Nice try, but better luck next time.

Uninvited Guest - Malice In Wonderland
40/1001Details Maddening Media
Released on Sunday Mar 23rd, 2008
Gothic Glam Rock

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday May 21st, 2008

Tags: #Uninvited Guest
Tracklisting 01. Mother Nature Made A Monster
02. Abigail
03. Strange Gothic Romance
04. The Law Of The Playground
05. Sombre Défilé
06. Your Private Hell
07. Join The Dance
08. Still I Miss The Man
09. You Are Your Kingdom
10. Jack Dandy
11. Human
12. Wonderland
13. Double Dare (Bauhaus-cover bonus track)
Line up Dean Hathaway – Vocals
Shaun Cope – Guitar
Lucas Swann – Keyboards
Jane Dalton – Bass