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Inhumate - Life
I'm always in for grindcore, and when I was offered to write a review I could not say no. So guys, here it is then. This is Inhumate and be prepared to be grinded. Their new album Life is again a concept album which handles about the morale of mankind. Not your usual squashed bowels lyrics but that isn't always necessary in grindcore.

The record starts out with no intros but pure grinding and scrawling. The sound is a bit overwhelming when heard first, but after a little while it settles back into a nice poeka riff. The voice is stripping of your flesh with its high pitched level. If your flesh has returned, be ready for some gut removing grunting. The vocals on the album are okay so let's continue with the music. The tempo is merely high, but varied with slow passages that are quite nice to listen to. Just listen to the typical track Blasted and you know why they've called it Blasted. When I listen to this piece of work, I hear that Inhumate truly have put a lot of work in the finishing of their project. The style is considerable as a mix between pure grind and hardcore. I thought they used a pitch shifter in some songs, but Fred assured me that it was all human. I was a bit disorientated when I listened to the track The Scorpion, because their vocalist is intending to imitate a true hardcore voice, which isn't really successful. Luckily the music made it up. After 15 songs the listener gets presented with 11 minutes of live recordings, compiled in one track.

Not a bad album after all and if you are into fast mincing grind then Inhumate certainly has something to offer. If you are interested in some fast, quite technical, grind then you should buy it. I did like it and I'm sure there are enough grindminded people around here that will like this shit too.

Track List:

1: No Answer
2: A Trip
3: Blasted (History Of A Dive)
4: Destiny ?
5: Labyrinth
6: I Want To Kill Some (Part IV)
7: Sickness Is The Law
8: Sons Of Earth
9: The Fight
10: For Lust
11: N.D.S.
12: The Scorpion
13: Thank You
14: Rage
15: One Day
16: Life ?

Line Up:

Vocals - Christophe
Guitars - David
Bass - Frederic
Drums - Yannick
Inhumate - Life
88/1001Details Own Production
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Aug 26th, 2004

Tags: #Inhumate
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