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Headcharger - Watch The Sun
Headcharger hails from Caen, France. Not the most well-known country when it comes to metal and rock music but hey, it may therefore be exactly what the world needs. The band claims to play hardcore ‘n’ roll. The things people put in front of ‘n’ roll…Hell! Here we go on a rough ride!

As for the rock ‘n’ roll part of this band I totally agree on that. The good thing is that the band is capable of creating some really good and swinging songs. The kind that make you move along whether you want to or not. The music has a real nice raw edge to it and therefore it breathes a rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere even more.

But when we arrive at the hardcore part I have my doubts. Not that Headcharger plays some bad stuff here. It’s just that I have trouble finding the real, straight-forward hardcore on Watch The Sun. Instead, one may very well think of punk influences.
Still, it doesn’t harm Headcharger’s songs at all, since they all have something catchy in ‘em. Take for example ‘Get Naked’, which has a nice but short guitar part at first, before bursting into action. Or the QOTSA-riff ‘Every Tick Of The Clock’. Nice! Add the necessary simplicity and you’ve got yourself a perfect album to swing your body to. Without having trouble figuring out all the complex details that is.

As for the vocals I can be short. A typical raw voice that floats somewhere in between rock ‘n’ roll and metalcore. Some clean parts here and there but certainly not too many of those parts! The only small problem is that Seb’s voice tends to sound too much alike in every song. Kinda like, you’re done with the album after having heard half of it. But with a little perseverance you’ll do just fine listening this album.

All in all Headcharger did a fine job of creating a more than decent but not groundbreaking album. As far as I can imagine, this band must be one hell of a bulldozer on stage! Oh yeah, for those who drive a car, be careful on this one! It may cost you more than just the price of the album!
Headcharger - Watch The Sun
70/1001Details Customcore Records / Season Of Mist
Released on Monday Oct 1st, 2007
Hardcore 'n' Roll

Writer @Boek on Monday May 26th, 2008

Tags: #Headcharger
Tracklisting 01. You Wanna Dance You Gotta Pay The Band
02. On The Prowl
03. Every Tick Of The Clock
04. Up To You
05. Do You Think Of Me
06. Get Naked
07. The Price To Pay
08. Bill Murray’s Syndrome
09. Adrift
10. Waste Your Time
11. Flood The Air
Line up Antony – Guitar
Rom – Bass
Babz – Guitar
Seb – Vocals
Gaï – Drums