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Grantig - So Muss Es Sein
So Muss Es Sein is the first full-length of Grantig. A band who delivers us music, which can be described as a hardcore and thrash (Pantera-style) crossover. The songs are exclusively sung in German, so be warned!
A very short introduction, because this is the very best I can make of this release. The music they deliver isn´t bad, but certainly not world shocking. It´s all in all very decent. The riffs are very standard and also the vocal lines aren´t very adventurous. Even that shouldn´t matter, if they'd write memorable songs…..
And that´s the problem with this disc! You forget about these songs the minute you put another cd in the player. Besides that, Jonathan doesn´t make any impression on me whatsoever. He growls and screams a bit, but without real passion. These weak vocals are also very in front of the mix, which make it very hard to listen to the other musicians. It gives me the feeling that the vocals don´t suit the music very well.
Conclusion: This isn´t a bad album, but there are many more releases like this flooding the market, which are in fact most of the time of a higher quality than So Muss Es Sein.
Grantig - So Muss Es Sein
67/1001Details Drakkar Records
Released on Friday Feb 1st, 2008

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday May 31st, 2008

Tags: #Grantig
Tracklisting 1. Der König
2. Jeder Kann Es Schaffen
3. So Muss Es Sein
4. Reflexion
5. Der Fremde
6. Sodom Und Gomorrha
7. Zwischenspiel
8. Wir Haben Nichts Dazugelernt
9. Leichtsinn
10. Schuft Und Asche
11. Totentanz
12. Immer Wieder
Line up Jonathan Schmid – Vocals&Guitar
Jonas Windwehr - Guitar
Alex Negret – Bass
Jan Vogelbacher - Drums