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Three Merry Widows - The Devil's Outlaws
Five chicks in one band with coolest damn artwork I have seen in years! Hailing from San Fransisco these chicks try their luck on this side of the great puddle. Lead by Eva von Slut they're here to create havoc and all sorts of punkrock things.

As you may have noticed while reading the forced intro to this review, there is not a whole lot to say about this album. The point is: song 1 through 12 are the same. They are all very clappable and all very look-at-me-being-really-punk. It's like listening to a 15 minute Ramones medley sung by a woman. Did he say 15 minute? But the album is 36 minutes long? Exactly...After 15 minutes you'll be done listening to this thing.

For the record: This reviewer does not hate punkrock, nor does he hate women. On the contrary. This album is just simply not good enough and like I said, all the songs are the same and have been done a million times before. I wasn't lying about the artwork though.
Three Merry Widows - The Devil's Outlaws
40/1001Details People Like You
Released on Sunday Jun 1st, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Jun 1st, 2008

Tags: #Three Merry Widows
Tracklisting 1. The Devil's Outlaw
2. Nightstalker
3. The Howl
4. Elena's Empty Tomb
5. The Bride
6. I Want 'Em Dead
7. Death City USA
8. Snakebite Kinda Love
9. Theatre of Blood
10. Remember Me (featuring Daniel de Leon of Rezurex)
11. My High Heels
12. Varla
Line up Mistress Mandy - Rhythm Guitar
Nishone - Lead Guitar
Miss Eva Von Slut - Vocals
Jenna Verocious - Upright Bass
Andrea - Drums